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Code of Ethics & Standard of Care

Florida Juvenile Justice Association
Code of Ethics & Standard of Care


We will provide a safe and secure environment for the protection of the public, staff and youth.


We believe in the uniqueness, dignity and inherent worth of every individual.  Further, we are committed to assisting each youth in our care in achieving their individual dignity.


We will enhance the opportunity for youth to use their potential to succeed in an environment conducive to promoting socially acceptable behavior.


We are committed to truthfulness and integrity in all our actions.


We will promote and enforce ethical conduct.


We shall conduct ourselves in a manner that prevents all forms or appearances of impropriety, placement of self-interest above public interest, prejudice, partiality, threats,  favoritism,  or undue influence.


We will hold the confidentiality and privacy of the youth and families we serve.


We  are  committed to a culture of learning, personal and professional development  and continuous improvement of services to the youth and public.


We will promote partnership and cooperation in order to achieve our common goals.


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