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Who We Are

About Us


Founded in 1994, FJJA is a statewide organization that strongly supports a common sense approach to juvenile justice that treats young people fairly, holds them accountable for their actions and keeps our neighborhoods, schools and communities safe.  FJJA brings together juvenile justice system professionals and agencies, organizations, and private and non-profit corporations all committed to improving Florida’s juvenile justice system for children and families.


Through collaboration and cooperation, FJJA presents a unified voice on juvenile justice issues. FJJA is recognized as a proactive leader in effectively serving and addressing issues raised by the diverse agencies involved in the juvenile justice system.  FJJA serves as an expert consultant to state and community organizations; supports a balanced and responsive system; advocates for uniform standards, practices and procedures in juvenile care and promotes the need for adequate resources within Florida’s juvenile justice system.


What We Do


Legislative Advocacy

Leading in the spirit of collaboration, FJJA plays a major leadership role, working with state agencies, advocacy groups and other statewide organizations in Florida to support juvenile justice legislative advocacy.


Our role to foster public awareness, support and involvement is critical. Each year FJJA develops and promotes a legislative agenda based on improving the system of care for Florida’s juvenile justice involved youth.   FJJA tracks legislation and public policy and during the Florida Legislative session, provides a weekly legislative update to members.


Resources and Publications

In addition to weekly updates during legislative session, the FJJA E-Newsletter is published monthly and includes information on promising approaches, effective strategies, innovative policies, and emerging trends across the nation and here in Florida.  FJJA also publishes member alerts with up-to-date information on statewide and local advocacy, public policy, available resources, and other important information.


Professional Development and Training

As an approved continuing education provider, FJJA has convened an annual adolescent conference, designed to improve the professional skills of juvenile justice professionals and other child serving agencies who work with at-risk youth since 1994.  The conference is designed to meet the needs of professionals working in the juvenile and family courts, the judiciary, Department of Juvenile Justice, Department of Children and Families, Department of Health, juvenile detention, attorneys, educators, private providers, guardians ad litem, law enforcement, faith based and community leaders, and state and community lawmakers.


Over the years, the FJJA Adolescent Conference has grown to become the leading juvenile justice conference in Florida, providing training and education to thousands of professionals statewide. The association gives annual awards to recognize outstanding individuals in our field who have made extraordinary contributions in the areas of direct care services and leadership.


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